Not What It Looks Like Chie’s episode has her catching one of

The animated adaptation also has examples of: Informed Attribute Manami’s episode focuses on the poetry she’s attempting to finish and have published; despite the gushing praise she gets from those around her, the bits we see are painful, Narm filled Purple Prose. (Not surprising considering that she’s been holed up in a hospital nearly all her life, but the praise now just comes off as her friends trying to make her feel better.) Mistaken for Pedophile Akira’s violin tutor, who is semi stalking her throughout her episode (long story), gets accosted by the police and has to explain that it’s Not What It Looks Like. Not What It Looks Like Chie’s episode has her catching one of her bandmates seemingly on a date with an older woman; it’s revealed that the woman is a talent agent and the bandmate is trying to put out a single. Stalker With a Crush Honoka thinks she’s picked up one in her episode, but it eventually turns out that it’s the “spirit” of her father’s younger self, watching over her while the man himself is busy at work. Train Station Goodbye Kaho’s episode ends with her handing off a bento box to her (female) best friend who’s moving away. Unlucky Childhood Friend Taeko’s episode features her in what she thinks is a love triangle situation between herself and two of her classmates, exacerbated by the other girl thinking that the male classmate likes Taeko.

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