Cain and Abel: Rayne has been hunting and killing her half

Heavy Sleeper: Kyoko. The two detectives from the first chapter look a bit like Laurel and Hardy. The Queen’s Latin: A variation. Cain and Abel: Rayne has been hunting and killing her half siblings for decades. Held constant meetings through the development of the film, just to make sure that the sets weren’t too similar or that the Wicked Witch’s skin color was only a slightly different shade of green..

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Bloodier and Gorier: The arcade game, which includes decapitations, vomiting Replica Designer Handbags and blood spills with every hit. Five Moves of Doom: Jumping clothesline, Thesz press, back elbow, corner headscissors, implant DDT. And then go have a look at Feanor, who is supposed to embody the best of the Deer.

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