She cultivates a religious conflict on the station simply so

Establishing Character Moment: Vedek Winn walks into Keiko’s classroom and quickly accuses her of blasphemy. Vedek Bareil dispenses with the practice of cupping Sisko’s ear when they first meet on Bajor, a traditional greeting by Bajoran holy figures. This act impresses Sisko, who confesses it makes him uncomfortable, to which Bareil wholeheartedly agrees (which helps establish Bareil’s moderate position compared to the much more fanatical Winn). Notably, when Vedek Winn tries to greet Bareil in this manner after his arrival on DS9, Bareil can be seen intercepting her and clasping her hand. Heel Realization: Early in the episode, Kira supports Winn and her orthodox views. After the assassination attempt on Bareil, she gives it a serious rethink. The Informant: Quark would gladly sell out any of the killers he knows if he could, but he knows that none of them were responsible for Aquino’s death. Karma Houdini: Vedek Winn gets away with planning to murder Vedek Bareil, due to Neela claiming she acted alone. Though her chances for Kai appear to be shot. Or not. Madness Mantra: “The Prophets spoke! I answered their call!” Make It Look Like an Accident: Neela tried to cover her tracks by altering Aquino’s log to make it appear like he was going to repair a faulty power conduit where he was found. However, she didn’t or couldn’t alter his turbolift record, which tracked him to the runabout pad where he was actually killed. Manipulative Bastard: Vedek Winn. She cultivates a religious conflict on the station simply so Sisko will reach out to another religious leader to help fix it, all so she can use the opportunity to kill the other leader once the situation gets so bad that he visits Deep Space 9 personally. She not only manipulates Sisko and Bariel, she covertly sabotages key systems on the station to facilitate her plans: if not for O’Brien noticing a missing tool from his toolbox, she might have succeeded. Either way, she gets off scot free. We don’t always agree. We have some damned good fights in fact, but we always come away from them with a little better understanding and appreciation of each other. You won’t succeed here. The school will reopen. And when your rhetoric gets old, the Bajoran parents will bring their children back.

Ancient Rome: The setting. Animal Motif: Marius, Vitallion and Commodus wear customised suits of armor which are decorated in with a certain animal. Marius’s is a stylised Aquila (Roman eagle) that is emblazoned high on the front and back of his chest armor, arm and shin guards, and the individual bands are bordered golden to remind of the feathers of a golden eagle; Vitallion’s beast of choice is a lion, found relief hammered in the same places as on Marius with the exception of his back, as well as on the attachment points for his sagum (cloak); Commodus’ golden armor bears a viper encircling his neck with bared fangs on the chest and is, unlike that of the two professional soldiers’ (who both wear the famed Lorica segmentata, embodiment of the Roman Empire), a set of scale armor.

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